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Big Iron Gym Mission Statement: 

We provide every person who steps inside our gym a home away from home and all are treated like family here.

We provide our members a professional facility, outfitted with a wide variety of workout equipment for all levels of fitness from beginner to professional athlete. 

We motivate and encourage our members to become the very best version of themselves, both physically and mentally.

We provide a positive, dedicated top-level workout environment grounded in Faith. We are here to serve God and serve others.

We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. We always put the needs of our members first and strive to continuously offer an asylum from everyday life through being part of the “Big Iron Family”.

Shawn Frankl


World Powerlifting Record Holder in the 198 & 220lb weight class Personal Bests at 198: 1055 squat, 825 bench, 750 deadlift total 2630 Personal Bests at 220: 1060 squat 875 bench 780 deadlift total 2715 Powerlifter, bodybuilder and coach

Liddy Ruden


B.A. Sports Science ACE Certified Personal Trainer x1 Physique Overall Winner x2 Figure Overall Winner x1 NPC National Competition Nutritional Consultant 10+ years in the Supplement Industry

Luke Dreier


Powerlifter BIG MEETS: 2x Arnold Classic, 2x Record Breakers in Cali 1x Kern USA Open Personal Bests: 815lb squat, 507 bench, 804 deadlift Specializing in kid/teen Strength

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Kellen Derynck


Part Time Trainer Full Time Firefighter UPA Judge Health Coach Specializing in the basic fundamentals of lifting

Laura Groseth



Past Events

FREE Myofascia Pain Relief02 Jun 2024505 chambers street
FREE Myofascia Release Class21 Apr 2024505 chambers street
Rick Hussey Memorial Meet24 Feb 2024515 Chambers St
Pulls for Pups!10 Jun 2023505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, IA, USA
Strongman Competition- Stone City Strength20 May 2023505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, IA, USA
Rick Hussey Memorial Meet 202325 Feb 2023505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, IA, USA
Puppy and Kitty YOGA30 Oct 2022505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, IA, USA
PAIN SEMINAR26 Oct 2022505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, IA, USA
BIG IRON OPEN- Powerlifting Meet10 Sep 2022505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, IA, USA
CBD Seminar04 May 2022505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, IA, USA
Yoga for Beginners25 Apr 2022505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, IA, USA
Stretch Seminar24 Apr 2022505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, IA, USA


Become a part of something great, a family. Gym members get 24/7 key fob access Bathrooms, showers and lockers *Contact us today for pricing Information: Set up an appointment to check us out! Must be 18 to join *if under 18, parental/guardian signature is required.


One on one personal training with some of the best trainers in Sioux City. Trainers who have competed, who are certified and hold you accountable! From powerlifting, bodybuilding, strength and cond., weight loss, muscle gain and general health. We’ll get you connected with a trainer that fits your goals! *Contact us today for Personal Training pricing!


Proper nutrition is the foundation to reaching your goals. We have our trainers ready to get connected with YOU to achieve the best version of yourself! From general meal guidelines, counting macros and following a planned out “healthy eating” regimen that caters directly to you. Set up a time today! *$40 *Consultations last 30min-1 hour *No gym membership required for consult *contact


Protein Pre workouts Metabolism boosters Muscle Gainers Ready to go Drinks Stop in our shop and get hooked up with supplements that cater to your workouts and goals! With over 10 years of experience- we know what we’re talking about! Set up a time today or just stop in! *

Upon form completion, we will contact you regarding payment info and App Access for the front door. Thanks

Single Membership: $45/month +tax
Spousal Membership: $65/month +tax
Family Membership:$80/month +tax

*Sign-Ups mid month will be pro-rated
*All membership sign ups require a one time fee of $20 for GeoKey Access
*All membership cancellations require 30 day notice*

Membership Info


Renewal/Cancellation Policy: At the end of your contracted period of time, your agreement will continue to be billed each month. You may cancel your contract at any time with 30 day written notice. Member understands Shawn Frankl’s Big Iron Gym will not refund member for any incorrect charges past the last 90 day period.1. Rate terms: Notwithstanding any other provisions, you understand and agree that the amount of your monthly dues is based on current sales tax rates and that these rates may increase. Membership fees may be modified from time-to-time by Big Iron Gym. However, no membership fee change will be applicable to Member during the initial term of this Agreement (but will be effective for any renewal periods).





Upon receiving filled out form, we will contact you with sign up cost

Monthly Payment amount:  
First Full Payment Date: 
Prorate Amount:
$20 Activation fee (one time fee)

Automatic Monthly Payments

You are hereby authorizing automatic withdrawal from bank account the 1st of each month. A service fee of $5 will be assessed for any order returned for insufficient funds or any other reason. Should you default on any payment obligation as called for in this agreement, the gym will have the right to declare the entire remaining balance due and payable and you agree to pay allowable interest, and all costs of collection including but not limited to collection agency fees, court costs and attorney fees. A default occurs when any payment due under this agreement is more than (10) days late. Should any payment due become more than (10) days late, you will be charged a late fee. The club’s billing company, Security National Bank of Iowa reserves the right to draft via EFT all amounts owed. Subject to appropriate state and federal law. Member agrees that Big Iron Gym may suspend or terminate membership at any time, in its sole and absolute discretion, for non-payment of Membership Fees or for violation of any of Big Iron Gym’s policies and procedures, and that in so doing, Big Iron Gym assumes no further liability to adhere to the terms of this Agreement. Member understands and agrees to use the gym within the scope of the membership selected, and that Member is obligated to pay Membership Fee and fees regardless of whether Member uses the gym. Member agrees to promptly update Big Iron Gym of any change in Member's contact information (including address, telephone number or email address) or change in banking account information.


Automatic Bank Draft Notice

Automatic Bank Draft Notice By signing below, you understand that upon cancellation request you MUST provide the name of the checking account holder if it differs from your own. Accounts not cancelled correctly because of wrongful information from account holder (you) will not be refunded any amount charged past the return of the key fob. Shawn Frankl’s Big Iron Gym is not liable for any additional monthly charges if the checking account holder name is not provided.

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Waiver and Release Form

Because physical exercise can be strenuous and subject to risk of serious injury, this gym urges you to obtain a physical examination from a doctor before using any exercise equipment or participating in any exercise activity. You agree that if you engage in any physical exercise or activity, or use any gym amenity on the premises or off premises including any sponsored event, you do so entirely at your own risk. Any recommendation for changes in diet including the use of food supplements, weight reduction and/or bodybuilding enhancement products are entirely your responsibility and you should consult a physician prior to undergoing any dietary or food/supplement changes. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and use of these facilities and premises and assume all risks of injury, illness, or death. We are also not responsible for any loss/damage of your personal property. Member acknowledges that Big Iron Gym operates under rules and regulations established for the safety and protection of its members, and agrees to be bound by such rules and regulations, as well by the rules and regulations subsequently approved and posted or otherwise published by Big Iron Gym. Facilities, equipment, hours, service, regulations and policies are subject to change from time to time, without prior notice, in the sole discretion of Big Iron Gym. Member agrees to accept such reasonable change(s) as a condition of membership. Member additionally recognizes:1. Under no circumstances shall member move exercise equipment or use the equipment in any manner not authorized by Big Iron Gym.2. This form is for member, and member only, and member will not give access to another individual.3. Member will not misuse the equipment. This waiver and release of liability includes, without limitation, all injuries which may occur, regardless of negligence, as a result of; (a) your use of all amenities and equipment in the facility and your participation in any activity, class, program, personal training or instruction, (b) the sudden and unforeseen malfunctioning of any equipment (c) our instruction, training, supervision, or dietary recommendations and (d) your slipping and/or falling while in the gym, or on the club premises, including adjacent sidewalks and parking areas. You acknowledge that you have carefully read this "waiver and release" and fully understand that it is a release of liability. You expressly agree to release and discharge the gym, and all affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, successors, or assignees, from any and all claims or causes of action and you agree to voluntarily give up or waive any right that you may otherwise have to bring a legal action against the gym for negligence, personal injury or property damage. You acknowledge that surveillance cameras are in use for the protection of the gym, its equipment and its members. Member hereby consents to being photographed and/or recorded for such purposes. Note: Should any part of this agreement be found by a court of law to be against public policy or in violation of any state statute or case precedence, then the remainder of this document will remain in full force

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  • 505 Chambers Street, Sioux City, Iowa, United States
  •  24/7 access STAFFED HOURS: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 4-7pm Thursday, Friday: 3-7 Saturday: 12-4 *Stop in for a tour!*